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Variations on a theme – Justin Bieber Baby (or videos that will make you LOL)

Justin Bieber’s Baby. A masterpiece of our times. So potently expressive that it is able to effortlessly transform prepubescents of the female human form to hyperventilating beings sans a semblance of sanity. So absolute in its desecration of all that is good in music that it makes the previous defilers in chief – three wheelers and reversing vehicles blaring out the first few bars of Beethoven’s Fur Elise – hang their heads in the corner in shame.

It is no surprise that the classic has inspired many others to perform different impressions on it – most of which result in the viewer laughing his hind quarters off. What follows is an eclectic collection of these mini-gems spawned off the crowning jewel that is Baby.

First up is an oriental version compiled by a fellow Sri Lankan. You may find this more pleasing to the ear and an improvement on the original.

Beware. Danger of jaw dropping. Introducing…. Justin Bieber’s doppelganger. It’s a girl – and she sings (pretty well) too!

Clever lyrics. 32 million views.

Another by the same artist as the first video – this time with Sinhala lyrics added

Hope you enjoyed the selection. 😀



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